Our Values


Being a person others can count on. When we say we are going to do something, it gets done. We follow through and follow up so you have peace of mind knowing it’s handled.

A doubtful friend is worse than a certain enemy.”


Absolute Accountability

Owning our outcomes. Being 100% responsible for everything and every circumstance. We are accountable.

It’s not about what we do today. It’s about who we are everyday.”

Craig D. Lounsbrough


Demonstrating a philosophy of continual personal and professional improvement. Possessing the mindset and practice of constant betterment.

One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”

Abraham Maslow

Solution Providers

Handling matters competently and thoroughly from start to finish. Delivering outcomes that solve problems and make things better.

Inside of every problem lies an opportunity.”

Robert Kiyosaki

Meet the Team

  • Wes Butero

    Chief Development Officer

    Working from our Denver offices, Wes has over 16 years of experience in retail, restaurant and mixed-use real estate development. As a professional engineer, Wes is proficient in all facets of entitlement, site and vertical development. He is also responsible for the financial analysis of each project and evaluating profitability.

    My why is to create relationships based on TRUST. How I do that is by CONTRIBUTRING to a greater cause. The result of what happens is MAKING SENSE of things.

  • Cole Flanagan

    Chief Investment Officer

    Cole is our opportunity and investment sourcing and cultivating specialist. Cole is tenacious in his pursuit of new development and investment project
    opportunities to which our crew can add value. Simultaneously, Cole cultivates our new and existing investor and lender relationships to convert our dream
    developments into reality.

    My why is to find a BETTER WAY of doing things. How I do that is by MAKING SENSE of things. What that results in is relationships built on TRUST.

  • Robin Hughes


    Robin has 28 years of experience in a wide variety of industries, including banking, service, non-profit and real estate development. Robin is a licensed Certified Accounting Analyst (CAA) and is responsible for all of the financial accounting and cash management functions of Maestas Development Group. Robin brings a high level of accounting expertise and financial knowledge to the Maestas Team.

    My why is to CONTRIBUTE to a cause greater than myself. How I do that is by creating relationships built on TRUST. What occurs is SIMPLIFIED solutions to challenges.

  • Steve Maestas

    Chief Executive Officer

    As founder and CEO, Steve provides leadership and direction for the firm. He has 34 years experience in all aspects of the commercial real estate business. He has been involved with the acquisition, development and operation of over 60 projects. He has served in numerous community leadership roles including past Chair of Albuquerque Economic Development, Chair of Albuquerque Community Foundation and Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.


    Before founding Maestas Development Group, Steve was a principal and co-founder of Maestas & Ward, New Mexico’s largest commercial brokerage and management firm.

    My why is to MAKE SENSE of the complex and complicated. How I do that is by SIMPLIFYING things. What results is finding a BETTER WAY to do things.

  • Ethan Melvin

    Marketing Manager

    Ethan is our Community Connector and Marketing Manager. After earning his marketing degree at the University of New Mexico, Ethan worked for several advertising agencies in Chicago. Ethan is passionate about championing his home town of Albuquerque and adding value to the community through commercial real estate. Ethan lives with his wife, Rachel and two beagles.

    My why is to MAKE SENSE of confusing concepts and ideas. How I do that is by CONTRIBUTING to a greater cause. What that does is provide CLARITY.

  • Samantha Stonehouse

    Real Estate Transaction Director

    As a professional pursuing mastery, Samantha is a Real Estate Transaction Director possessing a diverse background in commercial and residential real estate. With more than 8 years in the industry and knowledge of project management, lending, sales and marketing, Samantha is instrumental in ensuring transactions are efficiently managed. Samantha has a Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University. Her skills and adaptability help maintain momentum for every project.

    My why is MASTERY. How I do that is by CONTRIBUTING to a greater cause. What that does is provide CLARITY.