Our Values


Being a person others can count on. When we say we are going to do something, it gets done. We follow through and follow up so you have peace of mind knowing it’s handled.

A doubtful friend is worse than a certain enemy.”


Absolute Accountability

Owning our outcomes. Being 100% responsible for everything and every circumstance. We are accountable.

It’s not about what we do today. It’s about who we are everyday.”

Craig D. Lounsbrough


Demonstrating a philosophy of continual personal and professional improvement. Possessing the mindset and practice of constant betterment.

One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”

Abraham Maslow

Solution Providers

Handling matters competently and thoroughly from start to finish. Delivering outcomes that solve problems and make things better.

Inside of every problem lies an opportunity.”

Robert Kiyosaki


Possessing indomitable spirit. Having a drive for achievement regardless of upbringing or situation. Earning success in the trenches through hard work.

The thing that we did was, we didn’t give up”

Jay –Z

Meet the Team

  • Wes Butero

    Chief Development Officer

    Working from our Denver offices, Wes has over 16 years of experience in retail, restaurant and mixed-use real estate development. As a professional engineer, Wes is proficient in all facets of entitlement, site and vertical development. He is also responsible for the financial analysis of each project and evaluating profitability.

    My why is to create relationships based on TRUST. How I do that is by CONTRIBUTRING to a greater cause. The result of what happens is MAKING SENSE of things.

  • Cole Flanagan

    Chief Investment Officer

    Cole is our opportunity and investment sourcing and cultivating specialist. Cole is tenacious in his pursuit of new development and investment project
    opportunities to which our crew can add value. Simultaneously, Cole cultivates our new and existing investor and lender relationships to convert our dream
    developments into reality.

    My why is to find a BETTER WAY of doing things. How I do that is by MAKING SENSE of things. What that results in is relationships built on TRUST.

  • Evangelos Kitsos


    Evan is our “Guardian of the Green,” our Controller. He oversees the accounting and finance functions of our organization. He is a Certified Public Accountant that joined us in Summer of 2022. Evan has 14 years of accounting, finance, and real estate experience, including previous experience working as a commercial real estate appraiser and public accountant in New Mexico.

    Evan is a native New Mexican that grew up in Albuquerque that is passionate about contributing to his local community. He has always had a strong connection to the New Mexico real estate market given his experience and Greek heritage. Evan is a proud husband and father. When not chasing his toddler around, he likes to travel, participate in family and friend gatherings, and attend concerts. Evan is an avid sports enthusiast.

    My why is to MAKE SENSE of the complex and challenging.  How I do that is by CREATING AND FOLLOWING systems and processes that lead to predictable results. What that results in, is a way to CONTRIBUTE, adding value and impacting the lives of others.

  • Ron Lindsey

    Development Manager

    Ron joined MDG as a project manager in November, 2021 and brings over 40 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. Prior to joining MDG, Ron owned and operated a commercial real estate consultancy in Houston, TX and held VP & CFO positions at several firms in Houston. Ron was appointed President of the Houston Real Estate Council and served on the City of Houston Planning Commission subcommittees. Outside of the office, Ron enjoys spending time with family and learning how to implement new technology into CRE processes.

    My why is to find a BETTER WAY to solve problems. How I do this is by achieving MASTERY of complex issues. What this results in is CONTRIBUTING significant value to the team.

  • Steve Maestas

    Chief Executive Officer

    As founder and CEO, Steve provides leadership and direction for the firm. He has 34 years experience in all aspects of the commercial real estate business. He has been involved with the acquisition, development and operation of over 60 projects. He has served in numerous community leadership roles including past Chair of Albuquerque Economic Development, Chair of Albuquerque Community Foundation and Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.


    Before founding Maestas Development Group, Steve was a principal and co-founder of Maestas & Ward, New Mexico’s largest commercial brokerage and management firm.

    My why is to MAKE SENSE of the complex and complicated. How I do that is by SIMPLIFYING things. What results is finding a BETTER WAY to do things.

  • Isaac Sanchez


    Isaac joined MDG as an associate in the fall of 2021. Isaac is a licensed real estate broker and is currently earning a degree in communications. Outside of the office, you can find Isaac hunting, fishing, traveling ,and spending time with his family & friends.

    My why is to find a BETTER WAY to provide solutions. How I do that is by mastering the RIGHT WAY to do things. What this results in is CONTRIBUTING better quality work.

  • Linda Davis

    Site Analyst

    Linda joined MDG after spending 20 years as a commercial broker in New Mexico representing national and regional retailers. Linda is often the first person many property owners talk to in MDG’s pursuit of new developments.

    My why is to MAKE SENSE of the unknown. How I do that is through the MASTERY of problem-solving. What this results in is CONTRIBUTING solutions to complex issues.

  • Kelcy Flanagan

    Asset & Development Associate

    Kelcy Flanagan, is the Asset & Development Associate for Maestas Development Group. Prior to her role with Maestas Development Group, she served as President and CEO of the New Mexico Society of CPAs where she led the Society’s Executive Committee, Ethics Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Finance Committee, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Women’s Committee, and Nominating Committee. Previously, she worked in hotel management, banking, and administration at a tax consulting firm.

    In the community, Kelcy currently serves on the NDI New Mexico Board of Directors and previously served as Co-Chair of NDI New Mexico’s Gala Committee, on their Finance/Audit Committee, and on their Advancement Committee. NDI New Mexico brings award-winning arts and healthy lifestyle programs to over 8,900 underserved children in urban, rural and Native American communities throughout New Mexico.

    Kelcy also currently serves on the United Way of Central New Mexico’s Board of Directors and as a board liaison for their internally-led Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, meeting regularly with United Way’s staff to develop their DEI efforts. She and her husband, Cole, co-chaired the United Way’s Tocqueville Society campaign in 2019 and in 2020. Additionally, Kelcy serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Albuquerque Community Foundation’s Future Fund, whose mission is to acquaint younger members of the community with responsive philanthropy, develop community awareness and nurture future leadership. Kelcy also joined the Women’s Circle of Wishes at the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2018, working towards granting wishes to children and spreading awareness of the organization in New Mexico and she continues to serve as a founding member of the circle.

    She received her Bachelor’s of Business Administration, Cum Laude, from Florida International University.


    Albuquerque Business First Woman of Influence, 2021